The difference of yielding the Power of a


The ULTIMATE in Floor Cleaning


The Prodigy Bio is the fastest way to handle everything from the small quick cleanups to the largest catastrophes. By yielding the power of the Prodigy Bio in our daily work we can offer and guarantee PREMIUM services and excellent results.

We use the Prodigy Bio for every day cleaning of:

Carpets and Upholstery

All Hard Surfaces

including floors, Walls, Showers even Graffiti removal

Floor Stripping and Waxing

Pressure Washing

Plumbing Drain Cleaning and Hydro Jetting

Cleaner Carpets: With the Prodigy Bio having twice the water pump capacity of most Pressure Washers and a Heating System that produces 2 times the heat we clean with consistent High Heat, water flow and pressure = Cleaner Carpets.

Carpets drying FASTER: With the Prodigy Bio producing 80% more vacuum than most large Truck Mounted Machines or 4 x the airflow of a large Truck Mounted Cleaning Machines we remove more soiled water and can guarantee your carpets will dry fast.

Pressure Washing: The Prodigy Bio’s 12,000 PSI system produces up to 4000 PSI of working pressure at the tools.

Built to do the extreme. Stainless Steel throughout, including Holding Tank, Heat Exchangers, Mufflers, Exhaust System, Machine Panels and more to facilitate Cleanliness/Sterilization. The Chemical Injection System allows for virtually any chemi-cal to be applied hot and with pressure, such as Quaternary Disinfectants, Phoenals, Bleach, Acids, Caustic Soda, ECT.A Bio Macerator that purees Biohazard/Hazmat Waste with a disinfectant and heat, sending the waste to a S.S. holding tank where it is treated with Ozone and UV light prior to disposal. (Usually allowing sanitary sewage disposal) For the large jobs a 1500 gallon per hour Pump Out pumps treated waste to a drain or secondary tank allowing unlimited disposal of anything from dirty water to Nuclear Waste. The machine has attachments that allows Cleaning/ Sanita-tion of itself, its hoses, and attachments.For remote operation or under disaster conditions, The Prodigy Bio can provide its own clean water, 120V. of clean AC. power, and can operate on Gas or Propane Tanks with the flick of a switch.(Diesel available.)

Water Pump

Oil Bath at 6.8 gpm at 4000 PSI

Heating System

Stainless Steel 3-Element Exchanger

Recovery Tank

70 Gallon Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Tank


325 ft. Vacuum + 325 ft. Solution Hoses


Rugged Marine Gauges


2-Jet Stainless Steel S-bend wand w/bypass

S.O.V.C. Vacuuming Quadrupling System

Can run 1000 feet of Vac hose

Stainless Steel Panels

120V. AC Power Outlets

Gripen Building Services

We do it right the first time!

Carpet Cleaning Experience

Includes: pre-vacuum, help move furniture as needed, pre-treat spots, stains and traffic lanes. Followed by PRODIGY BIO – High-Flow, High-Heat, Extraction. The ULTIMATE in Clean Carpets.

Hard Floors Clean & Capture

Includes: Move furniture to clear floor. Pre-treat, clean, scrub, followed by PRODIGY BIO – Clean & Capture. The ULTIMATE cleaning and restoration method for most hard floors including GROUT.

VCT - Natural Stone - Concrete etc.

Strip & Wax, Restore & Seal

Regardless of what type of hard floor surface you have we can Clean It, Restore It, Seal It and Re-Finish It